Please Ignore Rand: What Matt Cutts Really Said at PubCon

I wasn’t at PubCon for family reasons (good ones, no worries), but I Did catch a lot of the sessions via the excellent liveblogging over at Search Engine Roundtable. So when I saw that Rand was taking some things out of context, I thought I would do a service to the larger webmaster community and let you know what Matt Cutts was really talking about:

“Blocking Internet Archive may be a Negative Signal”

As Michael Martinez points out, this is not built into the crawler, but only used by the Spam team when doing a hand check.  Google has its own set of archives (probably not as far reaching as but I think Matt was probably referring to re-purposed or expired domains specifically. I for one will go on blocking IA bot so people can not easily scrape my sites and competitors can not see what I’ve done to maximize conversions.

“Having Multiple Sites Targeting Subsections of the Same Niche can be Indicative of Spam”

If you look at the liveblogging for this one (ctrl + F plumber), this is a guy spamming Google Local up the wazoo for plumbing in California. The site itself was low quality, and all the sites were pretty much the same, just different cities. So it wasn’t even WebSpam per se, but more like Map Spam. So yes, MC was saying that if you have 50 domains like these (from the LiveBlogging): .

Then you’re probably on the wrong site of the web map spam team. As a side note, Evan Fishkin got the short end of the head shaver – this isn’t web spam, this is map spam. World of difference. Sorry Evan!

There’s a bit more I want to clarify but until I can provide conclusive proof I’m going to leave this post as it is.

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