4 Metrics to Replace Page Rank

“If you don’t care about PageRank and your site is doing well, that’s fine by me.”Matt Cutts

In case anyone cares, there was a toolbar Pagerank update this week. Some integers went up, some went down. If you’re a  SEO worth their salt, you know Toolbar pagerank is meaningless, and have been for a few years. Yet many, many people continue to evaluate link acquisition based on page rank, and many link brokers still use pagerank as a method to determine cost of links.  With that in mind, here are 4 useful metrics that will actually help you determine whether a site is valued highly by Google or not.

  1. Cache Date – If the page has been cached inside the last few weeks, that means its important enough to Google that they spend money to keep it in cache. Note that Blogs and sites using the noarchive tag tend to screw this metric up a bit.
  2. SEMRush – In case you didn’t know, I’m a massive fan of SEMRush. If a site is really worth something then it probably ranks for some sort of decent keyword set. SEMRush is a good way to judge rankings and figure out how trusted the site really is.
  3. Compete – Take a look at a site’s referring traffic from Google. Chances are that if it’s receiving a lot of traffic from big G, then a link will be helpful.
  4. Majestic – Compare your target sites backlink acquisition graph against other known strong sites to get a baseline idea of how your links stack up against the web’s.


  1. Good tips here about using cache date and traffic tools. I have always felt that relevance and authority are more important factors to consider. Sometimes we get so caught up in metrics we fail to consider the art side of things. I can typically tell right away if a site is valuable, just by browsing content and design. Do you use any trust tools like MozTrust?

  2. Sean,
    I’ve never used the SEOMoz tools. I don’t like the idea of taking another SEO company’s concept of metrics and just using the average – it seems like the easy way out.

  3. Is there a way to open the link in a new window ?

  4. I’m gonna read this whole blog if its the last thing I do. Not sure how far I am – but wanted to let you know that I really appreciated this post. I check a lot of metrics religiously but never heard or thought about cache frequency. Thanks Ari! Subscribed wut

  5. Bookmarked and will most definitely be returning. You fellas are awesome.