How Google’s Vince Update Came into Being

Another day aboard the U.S.S. GooglePlex

How does Vince Bring Google More Money?

  1. More Brands in the SERPs
  2. More natural Search Traffic to brands
  3. Brands like Google more
  4. More Branding Campaigns flowing to Google
  5. Advertisers will create non ROI focused campaigns
  6. More money flows to DoubleClick, Content Network and Search Campaigns


  1. U.S.S. Googleplex haha love it.

    This happened in back in March. the current latest updates are the Caffeine updates… what do you say about those?

  2. Simply Amazing post. I was discussing with my girl friend on this matter on the last friday. I can prove I was true by the help of this article. Thank u friend.

  3. I am a newcomer as well as your success is very a lot an inspiration personally.