SEO HorseShit Roundup #1

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As I mentioned yesterday, it’s time for the first of hopefully many SEO, PPC and Internet Marketing Horseshit roundups, where we call Horseshit on various articles published around the web. This weeks winners include:

  1. Google Indexation Crap from SEOMoz. Seriously? The idea that each site gets an indexation cap is a pile of crap. Really what’s happening is that sites are poorly optimized or don’t have enough inbound links. Don’t believe me? Try or No indexation cap there..
  2. How I made Blah Blah Blah from Jonathan Volk guest posting on ShoeMoney. Excellent example of how not to deliver on a title. Besides, who cares man?
  3. Facebook ROI from Third Tier Medical School – from Giovanni Galucci – seriously, there is no such thing as ROI from a Facebook Page. I blame Giovanni less and the person managing the page for the medical school more as she probably needs to justify her job.
  4. Finally, this image ad for Text-Link-Ads on the sidebar of Search Engine Roundtable made me laugh:tla-linkplan

Letting TLA Build your link plan is roughly akin to asking the cops for help setting up your cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy cartel. Nothing good will come of it.

That’s it for this week, hope you enjoyed it as much I had a blast writing it.

Shabbat Shalom (Dude! I don’t link on shabbos)!