Announcing the Weekly Horseshit Roundup

I want to put out a brief post and announce the Weekly Horseshit roundup.

Every week I”ll post the worst articles published on the web about anything related to Search, mock them, and tell you why they suck.  But I need your help – thankfully I don’t see most of the crap out there, so please use the contact form and send me the worst crap you’ve seen each week.

Why am I doing this?

  1. So I can bring back the link roundup (even if it’s via to block link juice).
  2. Because I can:-)


  1. Hey Ari,

    Great idea and thanks for the chuckle! I don’t know if this meets your criteria(if not just delete this post:)), but I got my shit magnet out and found this straight away:

    Lovely article of rambling gobbley gook by an “SEO expert” taking a break from running their Hoodia site.

    If you want another laugh, you might want to take a look at some Dallas company’s press release for their new product: “SEO-in-a-Box”

  2. Stew,
    I expect to find stuff like this on EzineArticles. I’m looking for more mainstream stuff that is junk.
    Thankfully I already have a few in mind for this week’s coming roundup.

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